New Look For Twothirdswild

I’ve given twothirdswild a new look.  It’s still the same old me, but with new purpose and perspective.  Why, I hear you ask?


My blog has been languishing.  Only me to blame here, of course, but I decided recently that some aspects of it were now obsolete.  When I first started blogging last year, it was for a collection of reasons and multiple purposes. In a nutshell though, all that transpired into a blog that was full of too many things, and at the same time, nothing specific.  It was also hard to keep up with where it was going.  With that realisation, it was time to do, or die.

I’ve spent the last few weeks in a process of reviewing.  Asking myself some pertinent questions about the relevance of my blog, in a world full of bloggers.  What is it that I have to offer?  Who cares about what I write?  Well, I know that I care about what I write, and that if I present it in a better way, then others might tend to be a bit more interested.

So I got myself a book about blogging.  I thought it would be a bit boring, to be honest, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Even managed to read it in bed at night, instead of my normal scintillating reads.  Anyway, I learned a lot about finding your niche (usually a good idea to do before you start blogging), how to write a good post, post layouts, SEO, and a bunch of other stuff (including how to make money while blogging).  I wasn’t too fussed about making millions though, I just concentrated on the basics of how to get a bit more noticed in the bloggers world.  I figured I had to start somewhere, and who knows, the money might start rolling in (lol).

So, I’ve just posted my About Me page.  It’s fresh and rejuvenated, and full of what I will bring to my blog.  I suggest you have a peek, and get to know more concisely, more about me and what I’m banging on about.  You can expect to get weekly posts about my chosen niche, full of focus and passion that will gush out of your computer screen, and on to your desk.  And here’s hoping I do a better job of it from now on!

So, stay tuned….

2 thoughts on “New Look For Twothirdswild

  1. Hi Leah,

    This blogging business has certainly been a learning process for me. I started out with intentions of having separate cycling, literature, hiking, nature and reflections about life sections but the blog evolved into something a little different! I think many bloggers go through that process.

    Life gets very busy too and fitting in time to blog is not easy. It’s much more time-consuming than I first thought it would be. Having said that, I really enjoy the friendships I’ve made and the thrill of sharing my walks with others. I will probably be adjusting my blog features as time goes on as well. I find I spend much more time actually reading other people’s blogs than I do writing my own blog.

    I think it’s great that you’ve decided a new path and where you want to go with your blog. Sometimes we try to do too much and it takes time to sort out what is most important to us. Finding your distinct voice can be difficult in a world full of bloggers. I’m looking forward to reading whatever you choose to share! I liked your blog from the start. I think you have a great deal of interesting and useful experiences to share!

    Best wishes!

  2. Thankyou Jane, for your kind, and wise words. I cant say enough about how valuable it was to read a book on the subject. At the very least I have learned a bit more about better presentation and how to structure a post for appearances and SEO. Hope it helps. But if it doesn’t, I like that its still a platform for me to record stuff that I like 🙂

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