Blog Fits To A Tee

I’ve decided to take my blog with me on my next hike!  Yes, I’ve put in on a custom-made T-shirt, so that I can parade around in the wild, advertising my very own blog.  I’m not sure who, exactly, I will be advertising it too though; possums, wallabies, snakes, birds, and perhaps the occasional human?

twothirds wild tee shirt

I’m not one for wearing loud clothing when walking in the wild, and I’m also not one to be wearing the latest and greatest outdoor clothing that costs an arm and a leg.  No, I prefer good old-fashioned T-shirts, but sometimes find it hard to find ones that don’t scream out someone else’s logo, or have bold, fluorescent prints on the front that will most likely scare off all the wildlife for a 1km radius.  So I decided to put myself out there on my very own T-shirt, although I’m not sure how long it is going to stay white for (the only colour I could ‘choose’).

All I have to do now is hope that it comes in time for my solo 3-day hike to Wilsons Prom (leaving on Sunday!)

Another added bonus to having it, is that if anything goes wrong on the way, someone might be able to identify me by looking my blog name up on google!


7 thoughts on “Blog Fits To A Tee

  1. LOL! You always give me a chuckle Curt (website product marketing :)) OK, I am with the program now! I should be posting about my solo adventure in the week after next, if I can squeeze it in there with Christmas shopping and general end-of-year busyness! Cant wait to go, and the weather here should be an absolute treat 🙂

    1. Thanks Dayna! I certainly plan to have fun, don’t worry about that. The weather is set to be perfect, despite the fact that I am shivering today with the cool change that swept across the Peninsula during the night! 🙂 Leah

  2. I love the design, Leah! Have fun wearing it on future walks. I look forward to reading about your three day hike. It’s a beautiful area and relatively quiet. I hope to do it one day too when I move south. 🙂

  3. Thanks Jane. My T-shirt has arrived on time, and I am off tomorrow! Just packing, and repacking at the moment trying to get my pack weight down below 18 kilos: to no avail. It always seems difficult to achieve, and because I am going on my own, I have to carry the extra things that I often share the weight of with my hiking partner. Oh well, it will all be worth it in the end 🙂 Leah

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