Invitations From Nature

Oxalis on Fungi


Connecting with nature is a way for us to understand more about ourselves, and delve deeper into who we are and how we fit in to the natural world around us.  There are various practices that help facilitate this process, from the spiritual through to the ritual, but how often do we consider that engaging with nature on a creative level can bring about profound understanding of our own nature, as well as that of the other-than-human world that we share.

Last week, I stumbled on the work of Shona Wilson, a visual artist who creates 2 dimensional, and 3 dimensional assemblages out of items found in nature.  Her connection to the natural world is the inspiration behind her work, and in an endeavour to encourage others to engage more meaningfully in the outdoors, she created the One A Day Ephemeral Art Project.  Shona describes the project as ‘a tool and method to explore, share and be in the world with mindful curiosity and appreciation.’  Every day of the year she created an ephemeral piece of art, photographed it and shared it via instagram in an effort to inspire others.

As result of reading about Shona’s creative practice in nature, I have set my own intention to interact with the natural world in a way that I had not thought of doing previously.  As I journey through the forest I will stop, and take time to creatively express my gratitude and appreciation for the  exquisite, raw beauty and wildness that surrounds me.  In so doing, I also initiate the process of mindful awareness and begin to gain a deeper empathy with all that is wild.

I have decided to name my project  ‘Invitations From Nature’, as I consider that each occasion to stop and create something gives rise to an opportunity to engage in the natural world on a deeper, more meaningful level.  It’s as though nature is inviting me to share my creativity with the source of all creativity.

I will post photos of my ephemeral Invitations From Nature on my blog, and in so doing, perhaps I will inspire you to create your own little works of art.

7 thoughts on “Invitations From Nature

    1. Hi Curt! 🙂 Thanks for the nice comment, and yes, it is a long time. I have re-entered the blogging arena with new perspectives as I continue to grow and evolve my passion for the wild. Having a break from it all has helped me forge a fresh new path and given me clearer direction on how I want my blog to inspire others to connect to the natural world. I think I have a bit of catching up to do with your blog though! I look forward to re-engaging 🙂 Leah.

  1. Love the idea! Looking forward to more posts. I’ll have to check out Shona’s project too.
    I’m an extremely strong believer in getting people to have hands on experience with nature, especially kids as this hopefully develops their life long appreciation and empathy for it. I even wrote a blog earlier this year on it
    Nature photography is another way to express our creativity and appreciation for nature and I like your idea of combining hands on creative works of art with photography.

    1. Hi Craig, Many thanks for taking the time to comment so positively on my post :). I certainly agree with your sentiments about getting kids involved with hands-on nature experiences, and I think my own love of nature was instilled in me at a young age due to a lot of outdoor time. These days it’s so important to get kids out of the house and into the ‘real world’. I look forward to reading your post, and checking out your blog; thanks for providing the link. 🙂 Leah

  2. Hi Leah,
    It’s really lovely to see you back again. I’ve been checking in from time to time. Nature is a wonderful source of inspiration and therapy and I really enjoyed reading your new post about it. I’m rarely blogging these days and even more rarely catching up on other blogs but I wanted to welcome you back and wish you peace and joy. I’m taking a lot of time out to sort out my own direction in life again so you might not see me about much. All the best! 🙂

    1. Hi Jane,
      Thankyou for your encouraging words :), and it is nice to hear from you also. Good luck with your ‘time out’, and I hope you find much inspiration as you wander along your own metaphorical path. No doubt nature will help inspire you as you go :). Cheers, Leah.

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